About us

The Polish Centre is the result of great post-war generosity and persistence by a relatively small group of Polish immigrants in Birmingham. On 9 December 1962, the newly constructed "Polish Millennium House" was solemnly dedicated as a monument to the 1000th anniversary of the Christianisation of Poland. It is the first Polish Centre in England built from its own foundations.

According to the chronicle Polish Catholic Community and Land Commemorative, among the many people who contributed to the creation of the Polish Centre, the following deserve special mention: Fr. Francis Kącki CRL, initiator of construction, K.Urban Piątowski, who sought out the plot for the construction of the building, and the longtime president John Maślonka. A Polish architect, Prof.S. Pomian-Połujan created a building design in accordance with the needs of this type of institution. The facade of the building is adorned statue of the Virgin and Child (made by the sculptor Tadeusz Zielinski - author of the famous image of Our Lady Kozielska), and at the entrance is a plaque in memory of the massacre of Poles murdered at Katyn by the NKVD.

The Polish Centre brings together under its roof a number of social organisations, youth, religious and military.

History of the Polish community in Birmingham

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